Our Company

forgetdata was founded in 2007 by Sam Winstanley in London as a independent technical consulting and solution development company with a specialism in SPSS® Dimensions suite of products.

We have never been afraid of the largest or most complicated systems and the systems we have designed and developed are in the hands of many 1000’s of users on a day to day basis. We work with many of the worlds leading market research companies and various other users of survey systems helping to improve the way they do business.

In 2012 we boosted our offering by through the first public release of Slides! which has gradually been gaining ground across the industry.

Throughout all of this our business is built on knowledge and trust, whether the work is done by our executives, a partner or a contractor we demand experience and excellence.

Our Executive Team


Sam Winstanley

Managing Director

Prior to starting forgetdata in 2007, Sam held a variety of roles within SPSS® initially within the R&D working on the QcWeb (web interviewing) then as a Senior Developer of the Data Collection (Dimensions) group of products. He then moved into a role managing the Solution Architecture team delivering custom solutions to the largest users Blue Chip clients as well as Market Research companies.

Sam crosses the boundaries of the technical, the science and the management of market research in his experience and uses this understanding to design software and bespoke systems that are unique and engaging to use.

Sam is a Full Member of the Market Research Society (MMRS) and a Member of the Association of Survey Computing (ASC).

Sam graduated from the University of East Anglia (UEA Norwich) with a BSC(hons) in Physics.


Collette Curson

Development Director

Collette joined forgetdata in 2009 to help manage both internal and custom software development.

Prior to joining forgetdata Collette was working within the R&D group at SPSS® managing a global team of staff across Europe, North America and China.

Collette is a member of the Association of Survey Computing (ASC).

Collette graduated from Birmingham University with a BSC(hons) in Mathematics and Statistics.