Perfect PowerPoint Hybrid Image Bar/Line Chart

Bar Line Hybrid Chart With Image

This Bar/Line hybrid chart with image background will brighten up any PowerPoint deck, what’s great about it is that the background image follows the line, but the image hasn’t got any breaks, it’s all based on real Microsoft Office chart elements and it’s fully automated using Slides!

If you need to customize the image, it’s all in the background settings on the Plot Area.

If you want to make one of these yourself in your presentation these are the instructions:

  1. Download the example pptx file here: Image Bar Line Hybrid
  2. Copy the chart and paste it  into your slides-enabled presentation
  3. Select the shape containing the number, and select Shape settings
  4. Select a single row of data from your connections.

Slides! will do the rest for  you and your shapes will stay in touch with your data no matter how much it changes.