What is PowerPoint Automation?

PowerPoint Automation within the Slides! product is the process of taking your Survey Reports, or Market Research data tables, and linking the survey results directly from the data tables, and placing them into your PowerPoint charts, tables or text shapes.

For example, if you have a PowerPoint Slide containing a clustered bar chart, and a text shape, which you wish to display the survey question text, and results, Slides! will enable you to select which table to use for this slide, and the results will be automatically published into the chart and text shape. This automation reduces the risk of errors made when transferring data from one format to another. In addition, if the underlying data is updated, then your automated slide can be refreshed to re-read the data directly from the source report file.

This process can be automated on a shape by shape basis, connecting to one or multiple report files, via a point and click selection screen, or can be automated for an entire presentation via a script.


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