Software for automating PowerPoint presentations

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Slides! is an innovative software tool which will enable the automation of your Microsoft PowerPoint Reports, connecting your presentation slides to your Market Research or Survey data. It is available in 3 editions for different levels of user, from basic PowerPoint user to advanced scripter.

  • Enables the automation of PowerPoint Shapes, including Charts, Tables, Images and Text shapes.
  • Links to data from various sources including TabsML (from Askia), MTD Files (from IBM Survey Reporter/Professional) and Excel XLSX format.
  • Equally suited to Ad-Hoc and Continuous/Tracking projects.
  • Allows automation of existing non-automated PowerPoint presentations.
  • Works with PowerPoint 2007 SP2 and above, PowerPoint 2010 and 2013.
  • Available in 3 editions to suit varying demands and technical expertise.


  • Reduces the cost and time involved in presentation production.
  • Increases data quality and reduces checking effort.
  • Increases ability to meet visualization and design requirements.
  • Reduces data production overhead by reducing the need to merge and manipulate data to meet specific reporting or charting requirements.
  • Uses PowerPoint features to design the look and feel of the shapes on each slide
  • Flexible to design and data changes.