Software for automating PowerPoint presentations

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Prices starting from £500

Slides comes in the following 3 editions

Express Edition – Ability to automate simple presentations using templates.

  • Create automated presentations.
  • Consume template slides created with either the Standard Edition or Professional Edition
  • Ability to refresh presentations that are already automated
  • Target user has basic PowerPoint knowledge

Standard Edition – Ability to automate presentations using more advanced selections and create custom templates (includes features of Express edition).

  • Creation of templates
  • Automation of charts, tables and text using advanced user-interface driven selections including
    • Merging data from different tables or data sets into single visuals.
    • Charting partial tables.
  • Target user produces more complex presentations with PowerPoint

Professional Edition – Also includes all the features of the standard edition

  • Create custom data transformations in Python scripting, including custom merges, calculations and other transformations.
  • Create custom actions in Python that can fully customise visualisations automatically when they are refreshed according to advanced logic.
  • Package templates for re-use by Standard Edition users.
  • Create bulk automations of Presentation Generation and Refresh of data through script.
  • Target user has advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office, or Data Processing and is comfortable with scripting knowledge.