Software for automating PowerPoint presentations

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Operating systems and Devices

Slides! installs onto Microsoft Windows operating systems, running:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime
  • .Net framework Client 4.0 or later
  • Microsoft PowerPoint versions 2007 SP 2 or later (including PowerPoint 2013)


Slides! is licensed using a license code which will be supplied to you upon purchase of the product. An internet connection to our servers is required periodically to run slides and validate license usage. Data formats and data sources

Slides! reads report data from the following sources:

  • TabsML (from Askia Analyse, Askia Vista and other tabultation tools)
  • MTD Files (from IBM Survey Reporter/IBM Professional)
  • Excel XLSX format

Merging data and data handling

Slides! can connect to multiple data sources and formats within one PowerPoint report, or shape within a slide. Slides! manages the merging of the data formats and sources internally, so there is no need for you to merge multiple sources or waves of data prior to using the tool. Slides! is underpinned by our Matrix technology which enables data from any source to be spliced together to make a single visual.

  • Reads data from ANY source
  • Combines it via advanced merging logic
  • Supports both built in and custom (scripted) transformation logic
  • Calculate new values not in existing reports
  • Relabel and reformat data Reverse, Pivot and Sort Data Hide show data according to business rules
  • Refreshes entire presentation to display data from a new report file